What is Chegg and How to Use it?

Chegg Basic Details

If you are at this post you might have doubts about What is Chegg and How to use it.  Please follow the Post till the end to know what is Chegg and How you can get free answers using Chegg.

Chegg is an online education platform that helps students to get answers to most of the Queries.

The only Drawback of Chegg is that it is a paid platform and not everyone can afford the fees which Chegg takes.

Those who want to get free Chegg answers can follow our guide here (https://litanswers.net/get-free-chegg-answers/)

There is a monthly subscription of Chegg which you need to Purchase and get answers.

The online Portal consists of both the Tutor and students, Tutors can teach students and earn money whereas students can opt for the monthly subscription and get live support from the tutors.

There were many Alternatives to Chegg where students used to get free answers like Lit answers and text sheets but unfortunately, they are not functioning anymore and students are looking to unblur the answers.

How do Chegg works?

As mentioned earlier that Chegg works in 2 different ways, I.e one is for the tutors and another one is for the Students. Now Below we will tell you a detailed explanation for each of them.

Chegg for students

Chegg for students gives answers to its students after activating a subscription, All you need to do is just paste the Question you want to get the answer for and the Available expert for the question will reply back to you as soon as possible.

For Teachers and Tutors

Teachers and tutors who want to earn money using Chegg can Simply Click on I am a tutor and Enroll themselves on the online education platform.

As the Platform has a database of around 300 Million Students online So there is always a Shortage of Tutors, So if you are looking for a job then you can always join Chegg for free as a tutor.

Chegg is a Combination of students and teachers both, If you are a student and Looking to get Some help in Your Project then you can Paste the Questions in Chegg and get answers for all your questions.

And if you are a tutor then you can also Join Chegg and Help students in answering their questions.

Chegg is not the only Online Education Platform there are several other online platforms that help students in Completing their Homework.

I hope this guide helped you in clearing basic doubts about Chegg. incase if you have any doubt you can always write to us in the comments section below.

Chegg is evolving day by day and in some recent reports, they have generated a Traffic of more than 23 Million last month which makes it one of the most visited online education for the year 2021.

This Online Education Platform is a Life savior for many People as many students daily search their answers online on the Chegg Platform.

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