FREE Chegg Answers 2021! Unblur Chegg Links Online! [100% Working]

Free Chegg Answers and Unblur Chegg Links Online

If you are reading this guide then there are Pretty strong chances that you might be looking for the best way to Get Chegg answers for free.

Chegg is undoubtedly the best online tutor and homework platform for students across the world, With more than 3 million students in the whole world, Chegg is considered as a one-stop platform for all the students who are looking for help in completing their assessment and homework.

Chegg is a platform where you can get answers to almost all the questions in the world and you can also get digital books from Chegg. So as you have already read the title of the guide so in this article I will show you the exclusive Litanswers trick to get free Chegg answers and unblur all Chegg links online for free 2021.

In this situation of pandemic and quarantine, most of the institutions and classes have permanently moved to the online mode of education, Now We can think that how much important online platforms are in our life now.

As the classes and colleges have moved online so many students are struggling to get answers to their queries and they end up preparing bad homework and assessment. Now comes the main part where students start searching for Answers online and they end up landing on Chegg.

Chegg is not free and we all know this pretty clear, Also most of the students who land on Chegg can’t afford the high fees of Chegg subscriptions. So they start searching for Chegg free answers online, And if you are at this guide we are pretty sure that you might have seen or listened to our services which provide free subscriptions to all the needy users.

The best thing about Chegg is that it is not bound to a particular subject which means you can get answers for any subject. From maths problems to chemistry formulas Chegg can help you.

Now comes the main part which is how to get free Chegg answers, So we will tell you 7 different ways which will help you for sure. Make sure you leave down a comment if our services are helping you.

Like we already said that Chegg is a big website and their main core is to help students out in solving their queries and questions from home itself, So Chegg has kept minimal fees of 6$ which is not so much but still, it is a big deal for many students and they don’t want to purchase Chegg premium account.

Probably that’s the main reason why we have created the easy guide to unblur Chegg answers online and solve your Query. Not only this but we will also tell you a few methods which can help you to get Chegg premium access for free and complete your work online.

In case if any method doesn’t work for you then you can write to us in the mail section and we will personally help you to get free answers. Now without wasting much time let’s head over to the guide on Chegg free answers 2021.


This is the most asked question that why you should choose us for free Chegg answers? So the answer is pretty simple, We have helped more than 4500 students in completing their questions, and Daily we solve around 400 questions since the launch of this website.

Chegg is based in California, so basically it is an American website that has a huge database of around 4 million users across the world. Slowly Chegg is spreading all over the world with dedicated tutors and languages.

Recently Chegg launched the Chegg India website which involves solving questions even in local languages like Hindi, Tamil Telugu, and a lot more. It helps students by providing answers with deep research.

The best thing about Chegg is that you can get the most useful and well-written answers here, thanks to its researchers and tools which combine to provide value-added material to students.

Since it is a paid tool users want to get Chegg answers for free without purchasing a premium subscription account, Before we start the Guide you should understand what is the difference between a paid account and a premium Chegg account.

Chegg is a website where students can get all kinds of help related to Homework, tutoring, assessment-related helps, and not even this but Chegg also gives scholarships and internship-related services to students and tutors who perform well.

As Chegg is run by different tutors and education professionals so there are pretty strong chances that you might not get satisfied with what Chegg delivers you and that’s the main reason we are recommending everyone to first get free Chegg answers and only if you are satisfied you can then consider purchasing a premium account.

There are plenty of websites available on the web which can help you in completing homework, project, practicals but Chegg is best because you can get instant help and it always provides quality content.

Even when you get free Chegg answers you can cross-check them with a paid one and you will find that premium answers and free answers are the same.

Getting an Answer to your question on Chegg is very easy as all you need to do is just Enter your question in the search bar and you will get a link to your answer within Some seconds.

Even if your Answer is not available in the directory you can ask any tutor on the web, So this is how you can Unblur Chegg answers link online free in a premium account.

Being a Paid service, not every student can afford to use Chegg premium account. No Doubt Chegg is a one-stop for most of the needs of students but on the other hand, spending an amount to get their homework done might sound very difficult.

But now you have landed on! we will tell you Several different ways which you can use to get free Chegg answers in 2021 without purchasing a Chegg subscription.

The first and most recommended method is by using Litasnwers free Chegg answers method, In this method, all you need to do is just. Follow the steps given below

Exclusive Litanswers Free Chegg answers in 2021

As you might know that many people can’t simply buy Chegg premium subscriptions. So we have started giving Help using an email address. This means now users can get Chegg answers directly to their mail.

To use our Chegg free answers toolbox you just need to enter your name, Your Last name (surname) your email address, and Your Chegg question. That’s all!! As soon as you enter all these details just tap on Send and we will share answers on your email.

Usually, this process takes around 20-30 minutes as we are already helping other people out there. But You Don’t need to worry as we will always come back with a Detailed written answer.

By Using our free tool you can unblur Chegg answer online free, Doesn’t matter which subject you are looking for, Our tool can handle anything.

Unblur Chegg answers on Litanswers:

Thanks to Litanswers! Now you don’t need a Chegg premium account or premium subscription, All you need to do is just let us know which question you are searching for. We are open 24X7 for answering all queries so this is also great news for students who are using our Free tool from different parts of the world.

Your Details

Tell Us your Chegg Question Here and We Will Give you Free Chegg Answer.

Input Chegg Question?

Paste your Question And Get chegg answer free.

10,000 Questions Answered today! We have Completed more then 99890 Homeworks, Assignments. Litanswers Started the serivce on 15th March 2021.

Although our services are Instant Some users might face a slight delay at peak hours, Don’t worry If you didn’t get an answer just submit your Query again and we will Soon revert to your Query.

How to get Chegg answers for free?

  • First of all, Enter your First name and Last Name in the First Box
  • Now Enter your Email so that we can send answers Directly to your Inbox
  • Now Enter the Chegg Question in the Question Box.
  • As We are now upgraded so our Tool can read both your Chegg answer links and you can also manually type your Question.
  • Now Tap on Send a message.
  • Now just wait for Free Chegg answers to arrive in your Email box.

How Do Litanswers Arrange Answers for you?

Nothing Comes Free!! So we just bought a premium Chegg account for our users, Now whenever any of our users send us mail we quickly search that question on the Chegg website and forward it to the student who was searching for an answer.

Chegg Premium Account Subscription Proof

Litanswers is an Established website that is well known for providing free Chegg answers to all the students and whoever is searching for it. We have purchased the most expensive Chegg account which can give us up to 2000 answers in a single day. Below is the attached proof showing our Free Chegg premium account for all students.

Chegg premium membership
Chegg premium membership

Reviews From Litanswers Satisfied Customers:

Many People might not believe this method because how can someone give so many answers for free per day, If we talk about numbers so we are giving around 900 answers per day. If you don’t believe our tool to get free Chegg solutions online you can have a look at the reviews received by our customers.

Free chegg solutions online
Free Chegg solutions online

Easy Ways to Get Free Chegg Answers Online

When you Signup on to Chegg and you don’t have a premium account, All Your answers get blurred because you are using a free account.

Before you proceed any further make sure that you have checked our Litanswers exclusive way to get free Chegg answers still if you didn’t get your answer within 30 minutes. You can try the methods given below.

So our first Way will be for those who want to unblur Chegg answers online using our Guide. Make sure you follow each and every step carefully so that you get the maximum benefit out of our Guide.

1. Chegg 4 Week Free Trial

The best Thing a Company can do is provide a free trial account to its users, The basic motive of a free trial account is to let users experience the service before actually buying it. Now talking about the main benefit you can have from Chegg’s free trial account.

This is the Official way for Chegg to get Chegg textbooks for free, The company officially allows users to create a Trial account for 4 weeks or 1 month. The Services offered under a 4-week trial account are as same as a premium account. This means you can get unlimited access to all the material given on the website for free.

All You need to do is just signup on to the official website, Enter your details and that’s all. Now you can enjoy a 4-week trial.

Chegg 4 Week Trial account
Chegg 4 Week Trial account

Benefits of Chegg free trial

  • The Free Chegg account for trial works the same as a Premium account.
  • More than 25 Million Queries and questions are explained
  • You can ask and Upload your own questions.
  • You can See Video tutorials for Tough Questions.

How to get the Chegg free trial?

  • Open Chegg Signup Page
  • You Can choose any method to create an account on Chegg (Facebook, Gmail, and many other options)
Chegg Free Account
Chegg Free Account
  • Select, I am A Student. Then Select Studying in College and Select your University.
  • Fill All the Details like Year in School or College.
  • After completing every detail just tap on Create Account.
Creating Free Chegg Account
Creating Free Chegg Account
  • Once you have created your account on Chegg Simply tap on the Profile section. Now Tap on Payment info, Fill up credit card details.
  • To create a Free account on Chegg you need a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card you can use a Virtual credit card.
  • Now Just tap on Save Info. As soon as you tap on Save my payment information your 4-week free Chegg account will start.
  • Creating a 4-week trial account on Chegg will allow you to access all Chegg notebooks and solutions for free.

2. Get Chegg Premium Account for Free

This method is one of the best methods you can use. By Using this method you can get Chegg premium account username and password for free. There are plenty of online users who provide you Chegg-free premium account.

This method is one of the most effective methods and it works most of the time because we provide you with 100% working Accounts and usernames so all the users can use it.

To make this guide work, you should have an android or IOS phone. Also if you are using a MacBook based on an M1 chip then also you can use this Guide. Now without wasting much time let’s head over to get some working Chegg premium account username and password free.

Create free Chegg Premium Account
Create free Chegg Premium Account
  • Now select the OS of your Smartphone, If using Android tap on Android and If using IOS then tap on IOS.
Chegg Premium Account
Chegg Premium Account
  • Now you have to Click on Load Apps, As we already told you nothing is free so you have to Simply install any two apps. This is basically a task-completing service that gives you a Free Chegg premium account in return.
Chegg Premium Account created
Chegg Premium Account created
  • Once you Complete Every Step Given on The Website, Just come back to the Link we gave above and see that you will get Chegg Free premium account username and password.
  • Now You can use the same account username and password to log in to your account.
  • In case if the username and password are not working for you, Then you can let us know in the comments section and we will update the guide with the Working username and passwords.

3. Find Chegg Answers on Reddit

Reddit is an online social media platform where users can simply ask questions from other users. In Asia there are very few Reddit users but if talk about America and other tiers 1 countries so Reddit is a very active platform and you can get an answer to almost any queries.

Just like all the methods above you can get free Chegg answers from the Reddit community, All you need to do is just type your Query and you will get the answer to your question very Quick. Reddit is so active that even if you ask a question at the night then also there are strong chances that you will get a Response.

Chegg answers reddit
Chegg answers reddit

Reddit is one of the best and most trusted ways to get Chegg answers quickly, You can say that Reddit works the same as Chegg but totally free. On average, you can expect your question to be answered in 2-3 hours. But sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.

It Totally depends on what question you are asking, there are numerous factors that depend on free Chegg answers from Reddit.  For example, you have asked a question that is very difficult then you have to wait a little longer.

You should also keep this in mind :

Use Pastebin to paste your Question on Chegg. Some of our users reported that their account got banned after they asked question on Reddit.

You won’t believe but Chegganswers is the most legit way to get Chegg premium answers for free, Most of the users who use Chegg are using Reddit as well. So there are chances that someone who is a premium Chegg holder might help you with your Query.

Reddit has a Dedicated Chegg Answers page Which you can Visit here.

Advantages of CheggAnswers

  • You can Get Chegg, One-class, Coursehero and other answers free.
  • There are Almost 15.8k members for this subreddit and almost 120-130 are always active there.
  • You can Expect a Faster response compared to Chegg, but on the other hand, You can’t blindly trust Reddit because they are not professional tutors like Chegg has.

4. Check Chegg Discord Servers

Yes, this is absolutely true that you can get Chegg-free answers from the discord bot. There is plenty of Discord bot which gives you an answer instantly.

Discord was a platform initially launched for Gamers only, At discord, all the users can talk like they are on call but the best thing is there is no limit when you are using Discord. You can connect as much as players or students you want.

There is no Comparison between Reddit and Discord, Like we already said Reddit is a social media platform primarily used to discuss politics and other things going on in the world, Whereas discord is just a platform for gamers that allows you to connect to other players and gamers.

Since it’s free they why don’t we use it to Unblur Chegg answers link online? Sounds interesting. So Below are some methods we will tell you with which you will be able to access Chegg answers totally free.

Use Discord for Free Chegg Answers
Use Discord for Free Chegg Answers

The best thing about Chegg discord servers is that it has around 8,000 + active members, Which means When you post your query All the 8,000 Members will get a notification.

The Community on Chegg is more active compared to Reddit, So you can expect more quick answers compared to any other community.

Moreover, the discord server for Chegg is totally free so you don’t need to purchase any subscription or premium membership for your Online classes.

As there are many different servers so you can post on different servers at the same time, This increases the chances of getting responses very quickly, and also you can get different answers from different minds. Surprisingly you cant get this facility even in the paid Chegg membership.

We have made a list of Different Chegg discord servers and you can view them here. Also, all of them are free, While using these servers just make sure you post your question on the most active server to get Chegg answer free instantly.

Advantages of Chegg Discord Servers

  • Totally Free for Chegg, Coursehero, and all other services
  • One of the Most Active Chegg free answers community
  • The response is faster compared to Chegg
  • You can Join Multiple servers in 1 go.

5. Best Chegg Alternatives

Last but not least we have made an exclusive list of the best Chegg alternatives Now you can visit any of the websites given below and Get help in assessment, Homework, and other education-related services.

1) Litanswers

The primary reason we have placed litanswers on the top is their 24X7 fast service. You have to just Write your name your email address and Your question link. After doing all the stuff you can expect an answer within 30 minutes.

Litanswers is a website that has access to unlimited Chegg premium accounts because they have already purchased premium membership for their users. The website was established in 2020 but since the launch of the website, it has managed to grab around 3000 students and daily they help around 700 Students in completing their homework and assessments.

Because of the premium Chegg account they can give around 2000 Chegg free answers daily to unlimited students, Even I have personally used Litanswers to get free Chegg solutions.

Litanswers Chegg Answers
Litanswers Chegg Answers

According to new Data by Litanswers, they are Providing free answers to almost 500 Students daily, So it is increasing day by day.

Once you Put your Question in the Form you will get your answer directly in the Email within 24-30 minutes.

2) Studylib

studylib works so smoothly that you don’t even need to provide your name or email address, You have to just copy the Question link for Chegg and paste it in the Studylib big search bar.

The AI or Studylib works great most of the time, But sometimes you may see that some un-relevant answers are shown to you So you can again Refresh the page and then paste your Question in the search bar. Now you will see that only valid and relevant answers are shown to you.


Study Lib offers you free documents, Free Flashcards, and Research papers for free, You can even upload your document. The website works on a freelancing model. This means Students like you upload Their documents on the website which can help other students.

There is a chrome extension of Studylib as well, Using an extension is easy as you have to just download it in your chrome browser and then you can directly search for answers without even visiting the website.

As Studylib works on AI so you can get answers instantly without waiting for even a second, You don’t need to worry about time.

On Studylib you can find almost all subjects like Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and many more. As of now, the website is not supporting local languages.

3) Slader

This is considered the only best alternative of Chegg, Slader is getting so popular day by day that almost all the teachers and students have already shifted from Chegg to Slader.

Slader’s popularity gained when they started Advance level maths and high school mainstream subjects. The Website has a wide variety of subjects like Maths, Physics, Biology, Arts, Social science, Spanish and German.


Slader has textbook solutions, Earlier this was only on Chegg but now even slader has this. If you want to search for a textbook you can simply perform textbook search and in just 3-4 minutes you will get the best result. For making it easier slader has also enabled searching textbooks by 13 digit ISBN number.

Searching a book by 13 digit ISBN number is preferred as you will get the exact book. Since it has almost all the features which were present in Chegg it is considered as one of the best free alternatives of Chegg.

4) Paperhelp

Paperhelp is a savior for those people who want help in exams and practical. It works the same as Chegg but in a different manner.

At paper help,07 you can get essays, Online text sheets, Documents, and many more. As of now, the website is also paid but you can get some of the Material for free when you signup using your email address. Price is also reasonable on the website.


If you are a high school student then you have to pay around 12$ to get essays related to your Subject, Since it is not free like other Chegg alternatives. Many people don’t like to use it.

5) Sparknotes

Sparknotes is considered as one of the best online Education platforms when it comes to creating notes, The website has a great collection of notes.

If you are the one who is searching for notes you can Visit SparkNotes, They have a team which is specialized in making the best notes on the web.

You can Get notes starting from Shakespear to hamlet and many other subjects are also available on Sparknotes. If you are a literature student you can also get benefits from the Sparknotes literature section which can given you free notes for your literature subject.


Sparknotes AI can assemble all the paragraphs and in return, it delivers you a Ready-made note, This way you can get Chegg answers free in the form of Notes. All the services provided on Sparknotes are totally free and you don’t have to spend anything to get your Online work done.

6) Coursehero

Last but not the Least, Corusehero is a giant online education platform. The website is the top competitor of Chegg when it comes to providing educational material to students.

At Coursehero you can download Notes, Essays, Documents, and courses. This way you can save a copy of your Study material on your smartphone itself.

All the answers and Notes, textbooks are present in the PDF file format.  Coursehero works 24/7 to help you with study resources. In case if you are searching to get Chegg answers for free then Coursehero is the best alternative for all textbooks & solutions.

Get free chegg answers from Coursehero
Get free chegg answers from Coursehero

The Company has some expert tutors in their field who have mastery in giving solutions to all your study resources, Even if you are a tutor you can work for course hero as they are continuously hiring new tutors in different subjects.

The above given were the best Alternatives for Chegg, We are mentioning some more Chegg best alternatives. You can have a look at them as well.

7) Bookfinder

Like the name says itself, Bookfinder is an all-in-one place for users who are looking for new, Old, and used books. If you are searching for Vintage books then also you can consider searching your books on Bookfinder website.

Bookfinder has a base of around 100,000 booksellers from around the world who can arrange any books instantly for you.

The Interference and Ui of Bookfinder is very easy and you can simply search any book in 1 click, Processing your search only takes around 1-2 seconds.

8) TutorBin

Tutorbin is not so popular but when it comes to Quality, You can Always Trust tutorbin. In our List of Best Chegg alternatives, we have listed tutorbin on Position 8th but if you seriously want work that has the best Quality you can Always go with Tutorbin.

The team here is Well educated and highly professional. Once you Submit your Question on the website you get Solution Immediately.

9) 24 Hours Answers

Just like the name says, You can use 24 Hours answers as the best alternative of Chegg. The best thing about this website is that you can Ask for help almost any time. Most of the tutors are available to hire and one can easily get help regarding their Homework or assessments and that too for free.

The Expert tutors can also help you to solve your questions one by one in-depth, You can also Live to interact with your tutor by giving just some amount of money. This feature is called a live session.

Find Your Solutions Online for Free

There are strong chances that someone might have already answered the Question you are searching for, The best and easiest you can do is just copy your Question and paste the entire Question in google search or bing.

We will prefer using google because there are many students who use google to get question-related queries for free. As google is free and almost anyone can write answers on it, So you cant totally rely on the answers you find on google. Still, you can get an idea about your Query.

Incase if you are willing to buy Premium Accounts You can Also check the Amounts Given below :

Subscription Plans and Pricing of Premium Chegg accounts

Services Pricing
Chegg Study 16.95 $/month
Chegg Math Solver 9.95 $/month
Chegg Writing 9.95 $/month
Chegg Tutors 48 $/month For 120 min
More package 96 $/month For 240 min
More package 30 $/month For 60 min

There are many Other Options like Facebook and other social media platforms where you can easily search or ask anyone for your Query, But you should always keep in mind that whatever you are asking can’t be trusted completely because answers given on social media platforms are not reliable.

We have mentioned a new video tutorial in the guide, which will ease your work in understanding how this tool actually works. if you want to get all Chegg answers online you can use our tool anytime. Also, we have increased our daily capacity of providing answers to students.

All the websites we mentioned in this Guide are working flawlessly, However, if you find any of the sites that don’t work, You can Comment on the name of that site and we will replace it with the Best and Working One.

On 7th November we added More servers to our Free tool which can now help more students simultaneously. All the Answers are now updated with December Syllabus.

We Hope We Helped you in getting Chegg answers for free, If you ask us we would anytime recommend using Our Exclusive service. Our Litanswers Chegg free answer generator can help you 24/7 for solving your problems and providing you with the best answers. So this was our Guide on the Best Ways to get Chegg Answers for Free Online.

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