Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password 2021

If you are looking for a way to get Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password, then look no more! You have dropped exactly at the right place. Here we are sharing with you Free Chegg Account Username and Password.

Studying doesn’t just imply learning and giving exams. Colleges and Universities include a whole bunch of other related activities which include assignments too. Although for your own good, some assignments can get very tough.

Not to mention, some particular subjects might also be difficult enough to give you a migraine. Well, at such points the Internet comes to your rescue. However, to get the most accurate service, there are very few limited options.

One such amazing and helpful option is Chegg. Through this site, you can get your doubts cleared, answers for tricky questions that you couldn’t find solutions for, 24×7 tutor assistance, innumerable textbooks to help you out with your essays and papers, and so on.

But, there’s always a but and there’s always a price to pay for such high-level services. The same rule applies to Chegg as well. In order to get answers from Chegg, you will have to enroll in their subscription plan.

Most of the Students want Free Chegg answers and that’s why they Look for a free Chegg Account username and Password.

This might not be the option for all. Of course, who would like to spend nearly $15 each month for some mere answers or doubt clearing sessions? But to help those, here we have a way using which you can get Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password.


What is Chegg?

Chegg is a very popular Online Education platform that offers answers to almost all of your questions. Basically, it is an online portal that stands as a bridge between students and teachers from all across.

There are numerous freelancer teachers whom you can go to in order to get your doubts cleared. The site is very helpful for those who have regular assignments and in general to add more to their knowledge.

Apart from teachers, Chegg also offers various textbooks for any subject you search. You can either rent or buy textbooks for a lower price through this website.

Chegg offers various Study Plans according to the needs of the thousands of students. However, the most basic plan starts at $14.95 per month. You can also opt for the Study plan at $19.95 per month.

Now although most students might need this platform to enhance their learning, it is generally not possible for all students to spend such amounts each month. And there of course is no free version of Chegg.

Although You do get a free trial period of 4 weeks or 28 days, after that you will buy some sort of subscription in order to keep using Chegg Account.

But worry no more. We understand you and we are here for you. If you want to get a free Chegg Accounts Username and Password, then here is a guide that will help you out. Keep reading further to know how to get free Chegg Account Username and Password.

Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password

Here are some of the Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password that you can use for free. Go ahead and check them out. In case some of them don’t work, do let us know in the comment section below and we will look into it.

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How to get Free Chegg Trial Period?

Almost all online service portals offer chegg free trial periods to lure their potential customers. Chegg offers a free trial period of 28 days or 4 weeks which can you use (if you haven’t used it already).

Here is a simple guide on how you can get a free Chegg Account trial period –

  • Open a browser on your device.
  • Go to the website – Chegg Official Site.
  • Click/tap on the “Try Now” option present in the green box.
  • You will now have to Sign Up to create a new account on Chegg. For this, you will be required to enter some general credentials like your name, email address, etc.
  • Then hit on the Create Account option.
  • Next, enter your Payment Details.

That’s it. Your Chegg Account has even created and your free Trial period of 28 days will begin. You can use all the Chegg resources for free over this time including private sessions with tutors online.

Note – You can use various Temporary Email Provider sites like –


This will help you get access to a new email ID, using which you can create a new Chegg account and access the free trial period. However, note that, you will also have to provide a different payment method.

Ask a Friend or ask on Social Media!

If you don’t have a Chegg account and need one, you can always ask a friend who would help. Or you can also ask someone on social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, etc.

Its likely that someone somewhere might be willing to share their Chegg Account for free with someone.

You can also check Reddit CheggAnswers Community if you are looking for a few answers or clarifications.


Is Chegg Safe to use?

Absolutely. Chegg is a well established online education portal where daily thousands and more students are getting educational facilities.

There haven’t been any reports so far of any sort of malware or virus attacks and none seem to happen ever as well.

Is Chegg Legal?

Yes. Chegg is a totally legal website offering Online educational services. There is nothing to worry about while using this well-authorized site.

Is using Chegg Cheating?

Not really. You are a student and you might always have doubts in your learning process. It is natural and Chegg offers to help you out by clearing these doubts.

However, if you directly copy-pasting something on your essay paper from Chegg or also referring Chegg for Quiz solving, then that definitely is cheating.

What are the Premium Chegg accounts?

Here are the Chegg Product and Services with their respective Pricing –

  • Chegg Study – 16.95 $/month
  • Chegg Math Solver – 9.95 $/month
  • Chegg Writing – 9.95 $/month
  • Chegg Tutors – 48 $/month For 120 tutoring min, 96 $/month For 240 tutoring min, 30 $/month For 60 tutoring min

Do I get a Free Chegg Trial Period?

Yes. Of course. Most of the online service portals offer free trial period varying from a few hours or weeks to a month.

Thankfully, Chegg also offers a free Trial period of 28 days. If you haven’t tried their free trial version yet, go ahead and grab it!

Concluding Words

I hope you have all found the above article of use and could easily get Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password.

In case you have any doubts or queries regarding the above topic, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Studying!

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