Get Free Chegg Accounts Username and Password May 2021

Chegg is one of the most popular online education platforms in the whole world, If you think about Online education you can Think about Chegg. That’s the reason we are here with the free Chegg account username and password.

Finding a premium Chegg account without spending even a single rupee might be a dream for many students, But now when you have landed on Litanswers you can count us on How to Get Free Chegg Accounts in 2021. Every day we give around 50 Accounts to all our users.

In this pandemic where everyone is trying to stay at home, Study is the most affected field as students can’t go to their college and schools. So in this situation, the best one student can do is just sit at home and try to take online classes.

There are plenty of Online education platforms which give this facility, But Chegg is the only 1 platform that is trusted and considered by thousands of students and teachers in the whole world.

If you have heard about Chegg you might already know that Chegg is a paid education platform that offers you online study resources in return for a Premium account. Now everyone can’t afford to purchase an account so we are here with the Guide in Which we will tell you the Free Chegg account username and password.

Free Chegg Account Username and Password May 2021

Below are Working Chegg free account username and passwords you can use, These are checked by our Team in May 2021, and Incase if this is not working you can try using another one.

Email/Username Password dani1# magi21 mic1999 alex123
Free Chegg Username Password Allabes$1 kyliehigh021 melba10081999 00daVids00 rami#RZ ABEabe3 Ayrob133 keishabeauty Andicrrx daelenb123

Working Free Chegg accounts 2021

1 DontChangeIt0
3 13331333choungchantima
4 senga000 0053411070
5 Carldeosupnet justdoit09z
6 BIrdt3n b12345678
7 amirgui20 especial600

So above were some working free Chegg username and password for the month of May 2021. You can try them and Enjoy free study online. As we already told you that We have already tested All the Accounts are working right now and you can use any of them without even worrying.

What Is Chegg?

In this Pandemic, most of the students are struggling to get a better education. Most of the colleges are shut, institutions are closed and a lot more bad is happening. Here comes Chegg.

Chegg is an Online Education website based in Santa Clara California, In the initial days Chegg used to give rental books, But now Chegg has started its services in Homework help, Online tutoring, Internships, and Moreover they also give scholarships to students.

On An Average, Chegg gets around 73 million users every day which is a great number, Not only but Chegg has Around 3 Million Students worldwide using their services.

Like Nothing comes for free, Chegg is also a paid service. To Explore their all answers you need to buy a subscription pack and if you are using a free service then all the answers will be blurred. In case if you want to know how to get free Chegg answers you can visit our guide to Get free Chegg answers.

If we talk about Chegg Subscription Packages so you can buy them at the Prices given below:

What is Chegg Premium Price

  • Subscription for 1-month at $14.95
  • Subscription for 1-year at $74.95

If you buy a monthly package it will cost you around 14.95$ And if you Buy a Subscription for 12 months so it will cost you around 75$, We would anytime recommend you purchasing a Yearly package as it would save you a great amount.

As a Respect and request, we will always encourage you to use only Legal and Fair methods, But it is also true that being a student, not everyone can afford to purchase these expensive memberships. So we are Providing free Chegg accounts to the students and users who need them.

Also if you can purchase a Chegg account you can visit this link to Purchase a Chegg membership. And Yes! Always remember that you opt for it! Yearly subscription instead of Buying one month package which would cost your hefty amount.

As it is a Book rental service so you can also take books on rent, If you Purchase material above 85$ then you are qualified for free shipping anywhere in the world.

You can also take the help of any Professional tutor, The fee for consultancy is around 7 cents per minute, So if you have any doubt you can hire any tutor at any time.

Also if you change your mind anytime you can cancel the Chegg membership. Canceling your orders and account is very easy on Chegg. All thanks to the Chegg cancellation policy which allows hassle-free operations.

How to get a free Chegg Account?

Getting A Chegg premium account free is very easy, We have already mentioned 100+ free accounts which are working and personally tested by us.

There are 5 Different Methods you can use to get a Free Premium account on Chegg, We will start with the most authentic and working method which is used by thousands of students worldwide.

1) Chegg 4 Week Trial Account

This is so far the best and most legal method to get a premium Chegg account free, In this method, all you need to do is just signup on the website and Start using Chegg for free. Below we have mentioned how to create a 4-week trial account on Chegg.

  • First of all Open Chegg Signup Page on your Computer.
  • Now Enter all the details like your Name, Email address, and education Qualification.
Creating 4 Week chegg Trial
Creating 4 Week Chegg Trial
  • You can also use Apple ID, Facebook, or google to Signup for a 4-week trial Chegg account
  • Now I Will see Two subscription packs of Chegg, which you have to simply ignore.
  • Now Go to the Profile section in your Chegg account and Tap on payments.
Premium chegg account free
Premium chegg account free
  • Now Fill in all the payment details to start your 4-week Chegg trial account.
  • Also, make sure that you have a credit card, in case if you don’t have a credit card then you can use VCC
  • That’s all This is how you can get your Chegg account free.

2) Chegg Premium Account Free Without Surveys

This is the most used way, But here comes a tricky part that you need to complete surveys to get an account for yourself. Completing surveys is not the problem, But the problem is that many sites don’t give you a username and password even if you complete the survey.

If you wish to get some premium accounts free you should have an IOS or Android phone, As of mow this app only works on these two platforms. In case if you are on a Computer then also you can use this survey site.

So we are here with the only working Survey site which will give you a Chegg premium account free, Make sure you complete all the steps carefully:

  • First of all, Visit the Chegg account Survey site from your Computer, Android, or IOS device.
  • Now Tap on Start creation, Doing this will start the account creation process.
Premium chegg Accounts using Survey
Premium chegg Accounts using Survey
  • Now tap on Android if you are using an Android Phone, IOS for iPhone.
Chegg Premium Account free
Chegg Premium Account free
  • Now You have to Tap on Load Apps, This is how this site works.
  • You have to install Any Two apps from their server and in return, they will give you a Free Chegg account as a reward.
Proof of Free premium chegg account
Proof of Free premium chegg account
  • Once you have completed all the steps given below, You have to Return back to the main homepage where this process started.
  • Upon reaching the homepage you will see that You will get a Username and password.
  • That’s all !! this is how you can easily create a Chegg account free.

Get Free Account username password on Email

This method is Litanswers exclusive as we are working 24X7 to provide free answers to all users and as a perk, we also keep giving free accounts to some of our users.

As we already told that all the username and passwords are personally tried and tested by us so you can easily use them. Now you must be thinking about how to get them using Email.

  • Enter your name
  • Enter your Email, Make sure you Enter a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  • Now In the writing section just write Chegg Free account.
  • Within just 20 minutes we will send you account credentials.
Your Details

Let us know how to get back to you.

Just Write How Many Accounts You Want?

Where are you From and How Many Chegg Free Accounts you Want.

Use Chegg Chrome Extension

There are Dozens of chrome extensions that automatically unblur answers and unlocks the Chegg premium account automatically when you visit the Chegg website. There are plenty of chrome extensions available on the website. Now comes the main part that which is Authentic and Really works.

  • First of all Download Chegg free answers extension From the Chrome store.
  • Now For this extension to work properly Reboot your PC once.
Chegg Chrome extension
Chegg Chrome extension
  • Now Just Open the Chegg site and tap on the extension icon given on the top right side.
  • That’s All !! this will bypass the Signup process and you can use as many accounts as you want.
  • In case if this stops working then just clear the cache of your Chrome browser and Then try connecting again.

Use Multiple Email Address

In Method 2.0 We told you how to Create Chegg 4 week trial method, Now you can again use the same method to create multiple accounts again and again.

To create an account you should have a credit card, Also there are some people who don’t have a Credit card so they can use a Virtual credit card also known as VCC to create a free Chegg account.

Also Always make sure that once you enter Credit card details then quickly remove them, If you don’t remove the credit card then you might get charged. So it is always advised that you remove your Credit card once the trial is activated.


So these were some of the best ways to get Chegg accounts for free, We hope these methods worked for you. We are continuously updating the guide with the Latest working Chegg-free username and passwords. Also if you know any other way which is working you can Let us know by writing in the comments section below.

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