Fix Google Image Search Via Lens Not Working On Android

Fix Google Image Search Via Lens Not Working On Android

Fix Google Image Search Via Lens Not Working On Android
Fix Google Image Search Via Lens Not Working On Android

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, Google introduced an exceptional image recognition tool called Lens into Android devices. Beyond simple image search, Lens offers capabilities ranging from translating text within an image to scanning barcodes. However, several users recently reported difficulties with the Google Image Search via Lens. If you’re among them, fear not. We’ve compiled advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve this.

1. Revert the Google App to a Stable Version

The frequent updates to the Google App might occasionally introduce minor bugs, affecting the functionality of the Lens feature. Reverting to a previously stable build might help.


  1. Access the Google App Settings:
    • Navigate to Settings > Apps > See All Apps.
    • Locate and select the Google App.
  2. Disable Auto-update:
    • Scroll down and tap on App Details to be directed to its Play Store page.
    • Click on the overflow icon (three vertical dots) in the top right.
    • Deactivate Enable Auto-update.
  3. Revert to a Previous Build:
    • Return to the Google App’s settings page.
    • Click on the overflow icon at the top right.
    • Choose Uninstall Updates and confirm with OK.
  4. Verify Functionality:
    • Test if Google Image Search via Lens is functional again.

2. Refresh the Google App Data

Corrupted app data might hinder the Google Lens feature. Refreshing the app data can be a solution.


  1. Locate the App:
    • Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Find and select the relevant Google App.
  2. Clear App Data:
    • Navigate to Storage.
    • Click on Manage Space.
    • Select Clear All Data.
  3. Verify Functionality:
    • Ensure that the issue is resolved by testing the Lens feature.

3. Consider Alternate Google Features

If the Lens feature remains problematic, consider using alternatives like:

  • Google Translate: For image-based translations.
  • Google Chrome: To utilize its image search capabilities.
  • QR Code Scanners: For barcode and QR code recognitions.



By following the above-detailed steps, the functionality of Google Image Search via Lens on your Android device should be restored. If you experience further complications or have inquiries, please feel free to share in the comments. We’re committed to assisting you promptly.

Note: Always ensure that your Android operating system and apps are updated to the latest versions to prevent any compatibility issues.

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