How to Cancel Chegg Free Trial Subscription 2022

If you have subscribed for Free Chegg Trial and now want to know How to Cancel Chegg Free Trial Subscription, then here is what you need to do…

Chegg is one of the most famous platforms when it comes to Online Educational services. It is popularly known for its 24×7 online tutor assistance, textbooks at low prices and rents, and so on.

Generally, students rely on this site for various college/university assignments, essay papers, and so on. For some students who find certain subjects difficult, Chegg is a boon.

Now certainly the service will need you to pay for their service. Just as any other online service, Chegg too requires its users to pay a Subscription Amount so as to use Chegg.

However, not all students can spend over 15 dollars each month on some queries of theirs. Thus, they grab the best at hand – Chegg Free trial period.

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Chegg Free trial period is available for 28 days. If you have signed in at Chegg and are using its a free subscription, but want to cancel the Chegg Free trial, then here is a detailed guide that will help you out. Keep reading further!


What is Chegg?

Chegg is an online educational platform where you can get various educational services like 24×7 tutor assistance, answers and solution to various questions, textbooks on rent or at low costs, and so on.

The platform was built with the objective of offering educational aid to students with the assistance of teachers who would be available anytime they need it.

Indeed Chegg has grown to be the most popular educational portal where many students get help with education-related queries.

However, just like any other service, Chegg too requires its users to enroll in a subscription plan. There are various study plans that Chegg offers starting from $14.95.

Now not all students can afford these plans and thus they opt only for the Chegg Free trial period. Now, this trial period requires you to sign in and create an Account at Chegg.

Plus, it also requires users to enter their valid payment details. The Chegg trial period is available for only 28 days or 4 weeks.

After this period, Chegg will deduct the basic study plan amount from your enrolled payment account. Many times, students use the free trial period at Chegg and then forget about it later on.

This might result in a deduction from your bank account. To avoid such a mishap if you are not looking into subscribing to Chegg, here is what you can do.

Given below is a detailed guide on how to Cancel Chegg free Subscription. Follow the below method so as to avoid any unnecessary subscription charges.

Before that, here is a guide on how you can get a Chegg Free Trial period. Just in case you haven’t already enrolled for the free Trial period at Chegg, here is a way on how you can do so –

  • Open a browser on your device.
  • Go to the website – Chegg Official Site.
  • Click/tap on the “Try Now” option present in the green box.
  • You will now have to Sign Up to create a new account on Chegg. For this, you will be required to enter some general credentials like your name, email address, etc.
  • Then hit on the Create Account option.
  • Next, enter your Payment Details.

That’s it.

Your Chegg Account has now been created and your free Trial period of 28 days will begin.

You can use all the Chegg resources for free over this time including a private session with tutors online.

How to Cancel Chegg Free Trial Subscription

Canceling Chegg’s free trial subscription can be tricky. Before getting into the method, note that Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

Also, if you subscribed through iTunes or Google Play, then to cancel the subscription too, you will have to use the same platforms. Do not worry as we have mentioned the detailed guides for all types below.

Cancel Chegg Subscription via

Now that you are here I am assuming you have already created a Chegg Account and opted for the free trial period. So let’s cut the chase, and see how to cancel Chegg Free Trial Subscription-

  • Open a browser on your device.
  • Then go to the Official Chegg Website.
  • Now Sign in to your Chegg account.
  • Then go to ‘My Account‘ settings.
  • Here, go to ‘Orders‘.
  • Over the Subscription setting, click on ‘Cancel Subscription.
  • Mention the reason why you are canceling.
  • Wait until you get the cancellation confirmation.

That’s it. You have successfully canceled Chegg free trial subscription.

Cancel Chegg Free Trial via iTunes

If you are an iOS user and have subscribed to Chegg through iTunes, then here is what you can do to Cancel Chegg Subscription-

  • Go to iTunes and then Go to your Apple ID account. Or else you can also go to the app settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • In the Settings, tap on ‘Manage Subscriptions’.
  • Now Switch off Chegg Study Automatic Renewal.
  • After that, click on ‘Save‘.

That’s it. You are done here. You have successfully cancel Chegg’s free trial subscription using iTunes on an iOS device.

In the case of device-specific help on managing subscriptions, go to Apple’s support page.

Cancel Chegg Free Trial Subscription via Google Play

If you have subscribed to Chegg free Trial via Google Play, then here is how you can cancel your Chegg Free subscription-

  • On your Android device, open a Google Play account. 
  • Go to the Settings and click on ‘Subscriptions‘.
  • Choose the Chegg app.
  • Then simply click on ‘Cancel‘.

See that is how easy it was to cancel Chegg Subscription via Google Play on Android.

In the case of device-specific help on managing subscriptions, you can go to Google’s support page.


Can you cancel a subscription before the free trial ends?

Yes, of course, you can. In fact, we would recommend you cancel Chegg free trial Subscription before the actual end date. This is because many services charge people if they didn’t cancel their subscription 24 hours before the end date.

What are the different Chegg Study Plans and subscriptions?

Here are the various Chegg Study Plans you can check-

  • Chegg Study – 16.95 $/month
  • Chegg Math Solver – 9.95 $/month
  • Chegg Writing – 9.95 $/month
  • Chegg Tutors – 48 $/month For 120 tutoring min, 96 $/month For 240 tutoring min, 30 $/month For 60 tutoring min

Chegg has introduced many more packs for students who can’t afford to purchase a regular account.

Is Chegg Safe?

Absolutely. Chegg is one of the most popular online education platforms that offer the best service across the globe.

There have never been reports ever regarding any sort of threat, malware, or virus attack through Chegg. So be sure while using the site!

Is legal?

Chegg is entirely a legal site. The site simply offers education via textbooks and freelancer tutors. There is nothing illegal or wrong with the site.

Final Words 

Using Chegg Free trial period can be the best way to use Chegg for free. However, a minute’s delay and you might end up having to pay a good amount because of your carelessness.

I hope you all could easily Cancel Chegg Free Trial Subscription with the help of the above guide. This guide is working properly even in 2022 and many users easily canceled their subscription using our guide.

Before we released this guide it was a very Difficult task to Cancel the Chegg subscription but Now Almost 3500 users took benefit from our Exclusive Guide and that too for free.

In case there are any doubts that you have, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Studying!

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