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Litanswers is one of the best sources to get free answers for Chegg Questions, At Lit Answers, you can easily ask for any question and we will reply back with the best possible answers for your Queries. Many of the users asked if this is the official website of Litanswers? So now this is not the Official website for Lit answers, the original website was hosted at ( which is not usable as of now.

Looking for a way to get free Chegg answers? Look no further than Litanswers! This new website provides users with access to a wide range of study materials, all for free. Whether you’re struggling with a specific assignment or just looking for extra practice, Litanswers has you covered.

The information provided in this guide is solely educational and intended to be educational. We do not offer free Chegg answers nor endorse or promote any illegal or unethical activities, such as violating copyrights of Chegg or any other website. In this guide, we will only share details on how students may potentially access free answers using trial periods and explore alternatives to Chegg.

It’s essential to note that accessing Chegg answers without proper authorization or subscription violates Chegg’s terms of service and may infringe upon copyright laws. We do not support or condone any actions which might infringe upon the rights of Chegg or any other entity.

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Lit Answers – Brief Description

Lit Answers, Formerly the website was hosted at and after just one year of launch, the website was stopped. the main moto of the website was to help many students with free homework solutions. The website used to have very simple UI as all you need to do was just type the Question and you will get free Chegg answers without any issues.

Lit Answers was a website that provided free homework solutions and textbook solutions for students across subjects like science, social studies, literature, economics, and management. It strived to give straightforward yet comprehensive answers to users’ questions with great ease of use in mind; one unique aspect of Lit Answers was its free answers to Chegg questions without charging users anything.

Unfortunately, Lit Answers was forced to shut down due to a DMCA Notice from Chegg, an established online education platform. As a result, the website is no longer active. Nonetheless, several alternatives such as AltVark and Financial Creatives have emerged in its place;

In conclusion, Lit Answers was a website that provided free homework and textbook solutions to students. Although it has since been shut down due to Chegg’s DMCA Notice, students can still access similar services through alternative websites like AltVark or Financial Creatives.

Litanswers was founded in 2019 and just after the initial launch the website went down, Further on the website stopped responding and now if you visit then you will see that the website no longer provides the Chegg free answers.

  • Litanswers: A popular online platform for academic resources and solutions.
  • Widely recognized as a go-to website for answers to textbook questions and homework problems.
  • Provided assistance to students seeking help with their studies.
  • Operated in a legal gray area by distributing copyrighted material without proper authorization.
  • Raised concerns about the violation of intellectual property rights from publishers and educational institutions.
  • Eventually taken down due to copyright and legality concerns.
  • Shutdown occurred as of the last knowledge update in September 2021.

As we told you was the official website to get free Chegg answers, but now you cant use free answers using the official website, Still in this Guide, we will show you the best way to unblur Chegg answers free. was a website that provided free step-by-step solutions for university textbooks. However, the website is no longer active due to a DMCA report1. If you are looking for alternatives to Litanswers, you can check out Slader, Course Hero, Studylib, Chegg, PaperHelp, SparkNotes, Crazy For Study, and CommonLit2.

This website is a fan-created website and has nothing to do with or At this website we will list all the alternatives of lit answers which will help you to unblur Chegg answers and get solutions for free. Our main motto is to save time for students who are looking for free solutions and wants to complete their works as soon as possible.

This was one of the greatest alternatives of litanswers to get free Chegg answers, But now this website doesn’t work. Many students also wanted to bring back textsheet but now they are not working. But no need to worry as we have mentioned some of the best ways with which you can get as many as answers you want. was an online educational website that provided students with free access to textbook solutions, homework answers and other academic resources. Unfortunately, the platform was shut down in 2019 due to copyright infringement issues. was a popular student choice due to its user-friendliness and free resources. Users could access the library of guided solutions right from their phones or tablets, making it an incredibly convenient resource for those needing help with assignments and homework. Sadly, unfortunately closed down in 2011, leaving students without access to its library of guided solutions.’s absence has left many other websites with similar functions and services, offering similar functionalities and capabilities. Popular alternatives to include Chegg, Slader, School Solver, StudyLib, Course Hero, Skooli, CFS – Crazy For Study Math Homework Answers Wyzant Ask An Expert Qanda Web Math These websites provide tutoring services as well as academic resources and homework help; some of which are paid while others are free.

In conclusion, was a valuable resource for students seeking academic help; unfortunately it has been discontinued due to copyright infringement issues. Fortunately, there are numerous websites offering similar services and resources as, giving students an alternative choice.

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How to Get Free Chegg Answers

Many of you might be using litanswers for free Chegg answers, and after the discontinuation of the site, you might be sad to hear that you cant Unblur Chegg answers anymore? But no Just fill out the form below and write your Questions and we will try to reply back with all the best answers for free.

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Best litanswers Alternatives

There are many best alternatives for lit answers and some of them are mentioned below which you can choose according to your requirement.

1.) Slader


Slader is one of the best alternatives of Chegg and litanswers as well, the reason we have listed slader on the 1st position is that it comes with a very simple ui which lets you get answers to all most all of your Questions easily without any issues.

In case you are searching for free Chegg answers then you can get them for free by using Slader, Using slader is very easy. There are 2 Primary options which you get. One is the paid option and another one is the free option.

The Paid option gets edge if you want to get answers immediately and if you can wait for a while to get your answers then you can choose the free option as well.

If you are searching for questions from a text-book then you can paste them directly in the search bar, if there is an answer available then you will get it on your Screen. This is the same concept which was used in litanswers and now it is available in slader.

2.) StudyLib


his is another great alternative of litanswers, At studylib you can get many answers. As the name says itself it is an online library for almost all your questions and Queries. Studylib is totally free thus you cant expect to get instant answers and you have to wait for some time as there is no tutor present there who can give you Chegg free answers.

The best thing About studylib is that it has a user base of around 18,000 users which is continuously increasing day by day. The user base consists of both tutors and students who help each other to solve most of the Queries.

Studylib is slower compared to Litanswers, but on the other hand, it is faster compared to other similar alternatives to get free answers for Chegg 2022.

Studylib has a chrome extension as well, So if you don’t want to open the website again and again you can simply install the chrome extension and get all answers for free.


Both Litanswers and were one of the best alternatives of Chegg and many students used to get benefit from but now as you know that both of the sites are nonfunctional so you cant get free Chegg answers using textsheet and you have to use other two alternatives that we have mentioned above in the guide.

4. Sparknotes

This is another Great Addition to the list which will help you in making your online Work easier Like the name itself says that “Spark notes” So you can easily search for your Course and Exam syllabus.

The Best thing about Spark notes is that it can Assemble all the Paragraphs and deliver a Note of your Query which makes it easier for students and Children who don’t want to carry a bundle of huge pages.

The Online Platform is Popular among novel users and that’s why the homepage of Sparknotes has a wide variety of novel summaries.

You can Also Create a Trial account in Sparknotes and Cancelling the Subscription is also Easy like any other Education platform.

5. Coursehero

Coursehero is another great name in the industry of online Education platforms, Here you can get access to almost all of your queries. This website allows you to Download all your Courses in just one place.

We have Started Giving Free answers to All of our users, You can Just Use the email facility to get your homework done with Our help.

Here you can get Most of the Queries and Assessments in PDF file format. The website has a trial account facility also which will help you to choose if you want to continue with the Membership or not.

6. Paperhelp

Paperhelp is a new website that is Primarily focused on Students who are trying to get help for their exams. If you are preparing for an exam you can Visit Paper help.


Not only With Exams but you can also get help related to Textbooks and all your Study Resources. Using Paperhelp is completely free and you Don’t need to purchase any sort of membership to get Help related to your Online work.

Paperhelp mainly focuses on Essay writing and on average you can get All your work related to the Essay in just 12$. So If you are the one who wants help in the essay. Paperhelp can come in very handy for you.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is one of the best online websites to get free homework solutions. Basically, it is one of the biggest websites from America which offers both junior and senior education nine. Doesn’t matter if you are a tutor or a student you can make an account on Chegg and proceed.

If you are a tutor you can earn money online by registering yourself as a tutor and then giving answers to queries raised by Students in the subject of your field.

If you are a student then you have to buy a package to get all answers from Chegg, Not all students are rich and that’s the reason they search to unblur Chegg answers.

We hope the above explanation was enough to understand what is Chegg and how does it work. we have also updated our servers which Now give answers immediately. So you can enjoy these answers seamlessly.

With the seamless efforts of our contributors and our free tools we are providing around 49,000 answers free daily, our tool can now solve your queries instantly.

So we hope now you know about Litanswers and other basic things about Lit answers, incase if you have any doubt you can write down in the comments section below and we will help you with all the possible Queries.